Php Application
We will provide you a web application balancing both, lower cost and higher performance then PHP/MySQL Web Applications can provide you the perfect solutions. PHP is a wide-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. And MySQL is one of the most famous databases which offer fast and consistent performance. As PHP is an open source language, a number of libraries and extensions are available that can add value and functionality to it.
At Araliya we have a pool of PHP developers who have been deploying PHP Web Applications since its earlier days. We are also competent to serve web applications; developed on LAMP because of our know-how of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We don’t only work blindly for your requirements but also suggest you the perfect solutions that could lead towards success. We have a rich clientele coming from spectrum of industries which show our 360° expertise.
The main benefits of PHP/MySQL which makes it more preferable are:
Our strength lies in our team of experienced and qualified professionals, who are dedicated to providing and fulfilling customer requirements. We aim in providing the highest quality of open source development services in every aspect of development from initial contact to post development support. We lay emphasis on not only delivering high quality open source solutions like PHP application development, Joomla development services, Drupal solutions, B2B open source solutions, B2C web development, PHP development India, ecommerce website development;
We can also provide a wide range of Open Source E-commerce solutions as part of our web development work. Till today, our professionals worked on all the major sections of web development and they are mainly proficient in:
Php offers:-