Oracle Database service
"When the databases are yours, we have support and solutions for you"
Database Monitoring
Araliya is not only there to answer your questions but to also receive automated alerts and warnings from your database alerting somebody before major problems arise. This allows them to get the correct DBA resource looking at your database proactively instead of reactively. Should a problem arise you can rest assured our staff will identify it and be working to correct it immediately.
Some of the many things we monitor on your database are:
Oracle Database Administration
Araliya offers complete support of database environments and operating systems. This service includes but is not limited to tuning, maintenance, monitoring, backups and use of our remote services. Araliya can not only take over the daily support or your database but can also offers the security of around the clock on call expertise for any database issues. Unlike hiring a single DBA or consultant, Araliya gives you the advantage of an entire team with a variety of specialty expertise. As database technologies get more diverse and complex, it is becoming more difficult to find resources with the necessary expertise. With our team approach, you have access to database specialists in the area that you need, from backup/recovery to tuning, to implementing new database features. We make sure that you have the right expert for the job. Our services provide around the clock monitoring and proactive maintenance tailored to your specific needs. We don't rely on database monitors to warn you of problems, but instead we proactively seek to tune your databases to keep down time to a minimum. If an issue does arise, our team will work around the clock to assess and troubleshoot in order to get your systems back into production.
Benefits of using the Database Administration Team Approach
Cost decreases - Araliya can provide significant cost savings over the alternative of hiring a single full time resources or consultant. By managing the resources and using the proper skill set for the required job at hand. This saves from 30% to 50% annually on database management costs.
Around the Clock Coverage - Many more companies are competing in the global markets. If you are responsible for the systems that support these types of organizations, it is important to have peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your critical databases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Specialist Team - By taking a team approach, Araliya has the ability to offer a much larger area of expert knowledge then any single person could have alone. This insures that no matter how your needs change or what problems may arise there is an expert in the area needed to meet your requirements.
Quick Resolution – If a critical database to your business is down and costing your business money the use of the team approach allows multiple resources to work on your issue at the same time helping resolve the issue faster getting your critical system back up and running with less down time and losses to your business.
State-of –art technologies in oracle were implemented by us. Araliya can handle the most complicated projects such as Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g upgrades, clustering, Standby databases, Automatic Storage Management, RAC implementations, and Oracle Application upgrades.
Upgrades, patches, and new feature configuration all take time from your already busy employees. That is where we can help. Our team is constantly learning and advancing in database technologies. Araliya team is on the cutting edge when it comes to making new features work in the real world. This makes our team sharing approach invaluable to many companies. While each individual in your organization can't be expected to master every database component and advanced feature, our team approach allows us to have experts in all aspects of a particular implementation, upgrade, etc. We supply the right resource for your needs, so that your costs (and headaches) are kept to a minimum.