Project execution modell
Our standard methodology in preceding projects undergoes the following phases
We will have an initial study – software architects will carefully study your requirements to prepare a comprehensive proposal.
Requirements Gathering
At this stage we will clearly describe your requirements in project documentation. Our specialists will prepare a proposal describing the product's performance, technologies, Features, verification requirements, etc. as well as the estimation of workload and cost of the project.
Software Design
Software design is the heart of the project where the process like prototyping, coding, refactoring, extending, optimizing, static analysis, reviewing code, porting.
Product Integration
We define the best possible integration sequence, integrate product components and deliver the product to the client
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is an essential part of any project, which ensures the top quality of our solutions. This is a complicated process, which takes place at all other stages of the project and includes the following activities: