Software Development
Credit Management System
It's a web-based application used for monitoring the payment during the purchase of the vehicle. The application provides automatic follow-up processing for each and every payment defaulter. The follow-up process includes: Call customers, Send warning letter, and meet by person and Lodge Police case. The project also includes analytical and graphical reports for payment outstanding and recovery details for every month and setting targets for executives.
OPLMS means online purchase and logistics management system, Web based application software for items purchase and for providing transportation services. Ship manager sends RFQ to various vendors for item purchasing. Vendors quote for the items send by the manager through online. Ship owner makes cost comparison and awards PO for the vendors.
Billing software
This Billing software is useful for super market and all type of shopping processes, with all edible functionalities in the shops, in efficient and user friendly approach. Major modules of the software are purchase, sales, stock maintained, Reports, customer, item and supplier creation. Once account enabled for the user, it can be accessed.
Online Reservation software
It's useful for all areas like hotels, hospitals, and Cinema Theater; it employs all the features of the reservation process with proper security functionalities and user friendly approach.
Online Services
This software is useful for the organization categories. All organization having online service for any process like bill receiving, client problems facing are online service oriented work. It will have a procedural approach for the secured and hierarchical systems.